Have you ever gone out to a buffet and filled your plate 3 or more times then maybe some dessert? Afterwards thinking, was I really that hungry? Did you know our stomaches are roughly the size of our fist? Realistically It doesn't take more than a hand full of food to fill your tummy.

You should never walk away from a meal feeling bloated, stuffed, or exhausted.

Hunger is just your body asking for fuel. Sometimes your body might just be asking for water. When your body is thirsty your brain may send off a "hunger pang" sensation, another reason to keep your body well hydrated!

Your objective needs to be controlling your portion size, your body doesn't need so much food. The only time you should truly feel "Full" is after a big glass of water.



Are you eating just to eat and not for fuel? Every time you head to the fridge or snack drawer ask yourself this:


Am I hungry?

Do I need this food for fuel?

Am I eating just to eat?

Do I eat cause I'm nervous, happy, sad, (Enter Emotion Here).....

Am I really just thirsty cause I haven't had any water all day?




These questions will help your conscience make wise choices instead of eating out of habit.


Make today the day you TRANSFORM YOURSELF!

How many of you guys are trying to lose weight. Which basically means you want to lose excess fat. One of the most accurate (and annoying) way to do that is to count calories. Well, now if you have a smart phone you can download one of many apps that calculates it all for you. I use "my fitness pal" but there are many options out there. Yes, it still takes some work, but if your serious about losing weight this is a great first step!