This is a great article that a client forwarded me, I hope it is MOTIVATING!!!
Trade in those long, boring cardio workouts (and endless ab crunches too) for the more effective shorter interval training and full body strength training workouts.
Accept that your lack of results are based on the past, not the future, and resolve to start doing what works
Get yourself a proven system that suits you, including a nutrition plan, and a workout routine based on the more modern approach to fitness that doesn't rely on cardio. Shorter bursts of energy with alternating periods of rest are where it's at.
Get yourself a support system. First, write down your goals. Second, find a friend and let them be your coach. A number of the online fitness workout routines that are sold today include forums and memberships where you can get lots of support from others, including the program creator.
For faster results hire a personal trainer that will be with you and guide you through the inevitable ups and downs of the weight loss cycle. We all need encouragement and a good trainer will help to keep you motivated!
Make Today the day you TRANSFORM YOURSELF!

Diet has a lot to do with how you feel. During exams, it is very important that one is able to concentrate on studies and doesn’t feel dull. Most students have the problem of feeling very sleepy when they start to study.

It facts that large quantities of food or fat can make you feel dull. The body works in such a way that it concentrates on one job at a time. Hence it uses all the energy and oxygen supply on digestion. Fat being very difficult to digest and takes a longer time to get processed.

The same holds good with a large quantity of food. This causes a lack of oxygen supply to your brain and makes you feel extremely dull. The ideal kind of diet for you during exam times would be for you to have a greater intake of fibers as fibers help you to digest your food much more quickly.

Fibers even help in digesting fat. Avoid any kind of fast food as they are loaded wit fat. Eat a vegetable based diet like salads and sandwiches. Fruits like banana are instant sources of energy that is also very easy to digest.

Make Today the day you TRANSFORM YOURSELF!
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Hello fellow Americans.... Well let me tell you about Americans, we want everything right now! We put 1 minute meals together in the microwave, we drive everywhere and arrive in minutes, we use a remote to change our channels, we want our pizzas made and delivered in under 30 minutes! America's diet in "NOW." We live in a "NOW" society and we've thrown patience and endurance out the window.
So it makes sense when people get frustrated when they don't receive instant results from exercise. Exercising is a lifestyle that helps your body and mind function properly, not something you have to drudge through because your Dr. or personal trainer (me) told you that you had to.
I'm big on you Transforming you're whole life, it's in my slogan, but as Americans we just want to look like a movie star today. Well here are a couple helpful tips to bring us back to earth.
1) Realistic Goals: You've heard it a million times I know, but slow and steady really does produce long term results. So what if it takes a year to lose the weight and you want it off in 2 months. If you don't start chances are you might gain 3-5 or more pounds this year and wish you took the time to reflect inside yourself and make these changes.
2) Don't go cold turkey: If you cut out everything in your life that you love you are basically a prisoner. Although this may work for some people it's not a long term solution. Eat a healthier diet, eat less food, take the stairs instead of the elevator, don't pick the closest parking spot etc.... Start today by making gradual "Lifelong" changes in your life.
Become a Patient American, reward your body by giving it the exercise it desperately needs to live a long happy life.
Make today the day you TRANSFORM YOURSELF!

My healthy tip of the day is pack a nutritious lunch when you go to work, or are on the go! It's so easy to hit the fast food restaurants, or grab a snack at the minute mart if you don't plan ahead. You really need to be proactive when it comes to your health and that doesn't mean getting the single cheese burger instead of the double! You need to pack a variety of veggies and fruits, protein such as a turkey sandwich or a hard boiled egg. Get full eating vitamin rich foods not empty calories that don't provide you with proper nutrition. That's called "wasting a meal." Don't waste a meal! Make the most of it, have more energy for your work day instead of that "I just want to fall asleep" feeling you get after a gut bomb type of lunch.
Many people fail eating a healthy lunch and it sets them up for a "who cares" attitude for the rest of the evening. They might justify eating bad the rest of the evening because they failed their "diet" at lunch.
So in summary Plan, Plan, Plan ahead. Don't set yourself up for failure, know how many calories you should be eating and pack your lunch accordingly. Don't be tempted when all the other people around you decide to head to the buffet, I know there is peer pressure out there, but it's time for you to step it up and be the peer pressure. I've had people start working out and there whole office started supporting them and start eating healthier as a result, so stop succumbing to pressure.... Be the positive peer pressure!
Make Today the day you TRANSFORM YOURSELF